December 1, 2011


I want to thank those of you who commented on my last few post for your kind words and support it meant a lot to me xxx
Well today is the first day of summer , our tree's are up there was a lot of tears it was a struggle doing it but i know that is what mum wanted ...
Iv also been planting seedling in to the garden and with all this spring weather we have been having I'm sure they will thrive  ( fingers crossed )
the beetroot was all ready in but with all that has been going on the rest was delayed.
I have so many things i need -want and have to do but i just seem not to be motivated to do so i sit and stare in to space a lot of the time ( not healthy i know but just cant seem to shake it ) but i have promised my self that I'm going to try and start bye taking myself and molly out for a walk , followed bye one need-want or have to do thing and then cross it of my looooong list each day and hopefully with this warmer weather we can spend more time out doors that is enough to brighten any one's day huh <3


  1. HI Heidi...nice to hear from you...I am so glad you have done your tree that is a good step : }
    I know you love Christmas from your last years posts so I do hope you can work through this one with joy in your heart ,because your Mum would want that!!

    I still have a hard time with our weather difference lol...seem so odd that your garden is just starting to me as we prepare to shovel!!

    Hope it warms up enough for you to go walk the beach ..that is very therapeutic!!

    Hoping that as the days go by that your heart will start to heal ...the hurt, and pain fo the past will go away and be replaced by wonderful memories ..hard to do, but give yourself the time to heal !!

    Love to you and your family
    I want to tell you to have a precious Christmas encase I don't have the chance before then!!

  2. Lovely tree! Your living room looks really nice! Yep, your Mum would want you to go ahead with your life and take care of the children. Being sad forever isn't good for you, even though you are entitled, but I'm sure she wouldn't want her grandchildren to suffer because of it.


  3. Your tree and decorations look great! I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum passing. It is hard around the special times and the first time is always the hardest, I know it was for me. Your Mum will always be around you. Hugs to you at this sad time. xx

  4. Lovely tree and decorations.
    I am also sorry to hear of your Mum you are honoring her by celebrating Christmas.

  5. Hello, Ive come over because maa sent me. so sorry for you loss. I have a dog named molly too, take her on your walks and get out of the house. animals are such a wonderful way to help heal our hearts.
    I will be back soon.

  6. Hello Ladys thanks so much for stopping bye and for your kind words , i know iv been a bit slack blogging and also visiting, but im sure i'll catch up thats my plans for this morning!!

    Big hugs to ya all :-)