October 24, 2013

I'm back after big changes in my life

Hi everyone wow it's been for ever since I've been on here , were to start there's been so many big changes in my life , after losing mum close to 2 years ago then being diagnosed with diebetes and then losing 40 kilos to separating from my husband back in march after 17 years , I decided to up and move from Devonport to Hobart in September for a fresh start and it's the best thing I have done in a very long time I finally feel like things are going right for once :-)
so now I figured how to sign in on my phone I'll be able to check in and catch up on everyone else's happenings :-)

Heidi xx
mt wellington.

February 3, 2013

Blog problems

Hi friends I'm not sure if its just my end or not but i can't see and of my blog friends i have listed down the side on my blog so i can see there up dates etc ..no photos are there um nothing can anyone else see them ?? sigh i have no idea what is going on.....also i cant comment on some friends blogs i haven't been able to for months its all very stressful now i know why i don't blog a lot lol....


February 2, 2013

Weekend happenings

Hello friends , we got through a busy week of homeschooling , it went OK well it all went OK until learning phonics in a work book came in to it and the stubborn little monkey digs her heels in and well that is that really .....i just quietly put the book away i don't want to force her because learning should be fun and a pleasant experience not tears and anger and stress, but apart from that it was a fun week of learning the upper and lower case Aa ,started our letter of the week scrapbook, done some work sheets , math ,science , painting using a apple as a stamp, and so many other fun things.. So yesterday we took a drive we was heading to the honey farm but they close Saturday for religious purposes so we will do that another day now , so we headed to a market close bye and then had lunch in the park bye the river feed the ducks and a play it was a good afternoon nice and relaxing, this morning i wrote up a weekly report of schooling that will be done this coming week , tried to figure out office works so i could do a weekly photo report for her folder, its done just but not how i wanted it , I'm thinking maybe year 2013 might be the time to take a computer course lol

Heidi x

baking muffins
painting with apple stamp
feeding the ducks

fresh homemade raspberry jam....yummo

January 29, 2013

We Survived...

Hello friends , we SURVIVED our first day home schooling it was a really good morning we read a few pages of Molly's early readers Bible, done our calender ,sang about today's sight word, and sang the week day song , done 2 work sheets on upper and lower case Aa , practised writing our letter Aa and writing today's sight word, done some number work and reading , even fitted in some science this afternoon ,so id say we had a pretty good day , though it doesn't feel like there's enough hours in the day lol

January 27, 2013

Home Schooling Journey starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone i know iv been away from blog land on and off for over a year, but I'm going to do more blogging this year , as of tomorrow i will be home educating our 5 year old daughter whom has Autism disorder ,we are going through THEAC for this , I'm very excited iv put a lot of thought and work in to this , it was not a decision made lightly or over night , after all our older children go to school apart from our son whom is 20 years old now , but our little girl as anxiety and doesn't take being left at all ,as well as other issue's so this is the road we will be traveling , we will still go to Giant steps twice a week and she does gymnastics and we try to keep her in social places though she don't interact with others ....but she does watch at times so that's a good thing i know she is taking it all in..lol.
So we don't have a school room , though we have made good use of our dinning room down one end of it , we have always used this room as a craft/sewing/painting/sensory/homework/computer room lol so now this is were most of our learning will take place as it has done for years it's just now iv had to add a lot more to the collection but that's OK i like to have everything were i can see it and know where it is for easy access.
We have been doing some baking lots of zucchini's growing so more muffins will be made today with those lol and waiting on a decent tomatoes harvest for relish, will be making raspberry jam in the coming days yummo!! hows everyone Else's garden doing ?? my cucumbers are not very tasty this season :-( .

Heidi x