July 23, 2011

On a warm winters day...

On a warm winters day it's nice to get out in to the fresh air and enjoy the sun that shines ...just stay out of the shade brrrr , I'm sort of over winter already!!!
I haven't been Blogging much for one iv been busy with molly and taking her to her appointments for her therapy and what not we have our last assessment coming up in less than 2 weeks well we hope it will be the last just see what happens i guess and how molly is on the day , we have to travel away for it so we will stay a few extra nights sort of a Minnie holiday the break will do us good just hope we get good weather ...
Iv also had my head stuck in to a few good books i love winter for that purpose alone i guess its nice to snuggle up to a good book iv been giving our local library a good work out lol
well I'm hoping to catch up on all your blogs I'm not sure if I'll be on line much i have a lot to do before we head off the week after next but I'll be back on track when i get back home and hopefully my heart will be back in to blogging again I'll take lots of pictures while we are away hoping to get to the Botanical gardens while we are away to and a few other outings if the weather permits !
Take care my friends and i will be back in a couple of weeks xo


  1. Oh look at your lovely green grass... ours is brown, brown, brown. Hope that your little one is okay and you enjoy your holiday!

  2. While you're experiencing the cold winter we here in the US are suffering through a massive heat wave. Good luck with your trip.

  3. The picture of the girls is very sweet! Your Winter doesn't seem near as rough as ours does, glad you found the time to do some reading! I hope all goes well on your trip! We'll see you when you get back!

  4. Hi Heidi...nice to see a post from you!!
    Oh I do hope you will finally have a diagnoises on Molly ...so flustrating for you all and especially the child when they know they are different! : {
    She is such a beautiful little girl!!
    Best wishes..for a good report and safe travel !!
    Try to enjoy yourselves!!
    Love Grace