July 7, 2011


Hello hello hello i am back iv been busy sick stressed and just over it all ,but i am all good again now or as good as one can be i guess lol ,
i don't really have a great deal to blog about because i haven't really done a lot of anything of late , though having said that i do have a book to share it took me most of yesterday to make and i was pleased with how it turned out and so was molly maby just maby shopping days will become less stressful on molly and me in the future now one can only try lol .........

with this book i laminated colour sheets of card stock then i cut and pasted pictures out of the catalogs and will make more as i see different things we would normally buy.. then i cut those out and laminated those , used some sticky Velcro and put on the backs and some in side the book so before we have to do any shopping of any sort we will stick the things we need in the book and molly gets to pick a treat to stick in there as well have it be a book or chocolate what ever she chooses then as we collect the things and put in the shopping trolley molly will take of the items and put in to her finish box and hopefully that will keep her mind of the stress of being were she don't want to be , i know she has melt downs if she can not get the item or items perfect in the trolley but we just cross that bridge when and as it happens !!!


  1. You creative Mumma! What a good idea, I hope it works!

    Glad you are feeling better, I know that some bugs can be the gift that keeps on giving.


  2. Hi Heidi...good to hear from you again..so sorry thigs have been out of sorts, but you are a good Mom and this is a great idea ..do hope it works for you and Molly!! Love Grace