August 10, 2011


Why we were in Hobart getting our youngest daughters diagnoses which i will talk about at a later date when the report is sent out to us...

We decided to stop in to Richmond we visited the miniature village of how Hobart looked back 200 years ago in the convict days it was interesting , i would of loved a tour of the old prison but molly was jumping in every mud puddle the day was so cold and wet and after being away for 4 days that didn't sit well with molly being taken out of her routine ...we headed for home , tho we will be heading back in a few months when the weather is warmer so as we can visit some more places , we did visit the Hobart Museum that was awesome id love to have spent more time there but unfortunately with molly we have to be fast at looking lol
now that I'm back i wont to get back in to the routine of Blogging more often iv just been so slack with everything that's going on and taking molly to different places she has to visit takes up good part of the week then with the everyday running of the house blah blah blah you get the picture lol


  1. Hi Heidi nice to see you back...
    I know it must be hard for you and the family,but she is precious, and I hope when this is diagnosed there is a way to control it!!

    The village is just much detail, and I am happy for you that you did do this and hopefully you will get the opportunity to visit the things you would like to have soon!!

    &heart; Grace

  2. What a cute miniature village, educational and fun! Sorry about Molly and the mud puddles, that does happen. I hope the news from the doctors isn't bad and is manageable. See you later!

  3. Heidi, sometimes we just don't get the time to blog or we need to take a break. You have been busy with your family and commitments. Don't feel pressured to blog- do it when you feel like it and have the time. I may go MIA at times. I've found that you can lose many hours sitting at the computer when you need to be doing other things. Commenting on other blogs also takes time. So now I have a new routine. I read a few each day and leave a comment. Others I may just read and comment next time.
    Hugs Maa

  4. Thanks ladys and Maa your right we do get busy with life there's many days i dont even get to turn this laptop on lol
    sharon those mud puddles she always finds them she was out side today playing in the mud she is at her happyness when she is out doors!!
    Hi grammie she is precious and she has been dignosed we are waiting on the report and she does have another appointment with a specialist about the pigmont thats growing on her torso and neck they have to be carefull in dignosing that because there's a lot of nasty things and with her dignoses the other day ,they need to make sure its not related to that as soon as i have all the info i'll post a blog about it... molly is doing great though she is learning to talk even know it is all mimic is still cute she is a funny little thing i feel blessed to have been chosen to be her mum .. and the village was great i love history and museums old cemetery's and what not :-)

  5. *chuckle* love the little Lilliputian village!!