June 22, 2011


I'm still alive ...just ,iv had my youngest to the doctors and a couple of hospital visits and i just new i would get this after some lady stood in the hall way coughing with out covering her mouth spreading filthy flu germs not to mention walking right near my 2 youngest girls heads and threw dirty tissues passed in stead of dropping them in the bin she threw them grrrrrr dirty cow is all i can say iv been so ill and still am though antibiotics are kicking in a bit the doctor gave me 2 weeks worth but now my youngest is very sick to the only thing is ,is trying to get her to take panadole for her temp and i know she has the aches with her worming around poor little Darling i know her pain and because she has special needs its hard to get through to her that its important to have her medication she just spits it strait out she even recognises it in juice SIGH , she has a doctors appointment tomorrow so hopefully they will give her something to clear it until then its just keeping well trying to get her to drink fluids and lots of cuddles i take advantage of them when she is unwell she only gives cuddles on her terms though i know she still loves us ,its not something she can help !!!
Any way take care and stay warm I'll be back to blogging as soon as all is well here! x
P.S I'm looking forward to catching up on all your blogs iv missed visiting :-)


  1. Hospitals and doctors surgeries are good places for catching bugs.

    Hope you and your little girl are feeling better soon.


  2. Sorry to hear you've also been the recipient of the 'flu sharer'! I've been laid up myself all week. I can't blame your daughter for not wanting to take the medicine. I'm meant to see my doctor as soon as I get something too, but this time I stayed home , kept warm and drank lots of hot soup and fluids. It always works and we get to build up or own immunity...just like the good old days. Antibiotics have lots of later in life side effects. So I sympathise with her. God love her. Maa

  3. Hi Girl! I hope you are all feeling better or at least on the mend! I do hate it when other people want to share their bugs! Your poor girls! Take care now and get what rest you can!