June 8, 2011

Rusting it up !!

Ive been working a a few more projects , i found these food covers at a shop for half price i got them for $4 each , brought them home and rusted them and i think they turned out quite well just have to find a home for them well one of them for sure .

Ive also been making some grubby little soap balls for the bathroom i will be making more of these they are quite nice and primmy i think... i have so many ideas in my head and things i want to do but its just soooooo dang cold i just want to hibernate for the winter lol
probable didn't help that i went to the local library and borrowed a heap of books to read and once i start on a good book i just find it so hard to put it down hence me being awake to the early hours reading while everyone else is sleeping lol i was hoping to get a early night tonight so as i can bury my head in a good book but its not to be i have a little girl whom is not sleepy at all and has been on the go all day i don't no were she finds her energy :-) 


  1. Never heard of rusting something up, on purpose, interesting.....
    Nice little soap balls, you have been busy!
    Your poor little girl, all wound up and no place to twirl!

  2. Dear Heidi* you have done a good job on these covers=) in summer you can use them to cover food on the table to protect from insects!

  3. lol sharon i wanted them to look prim and old !!
    sheron they are handy for that :-)