June 7, 2011

It's going to be one Dang cold winter Brrrrrrrr

Gosh it's cold ..no its beyond cold this is the coldest iv felt it in Tasmania in a few years , and I'm sure missing my wood heater gas just doesn't seem to warm the house enough....

So there's been plenty of comfort food to warm our bones pumpkin soup ,fresh baked rolls , even a batch of Anzac's yummo!!

Yesterday i got a call from my daughters work to say she had jammed her fingers in the hinges of the office door ouch trip to the hospital to get them fixed up needles to say 3 finger nails are black !!!

I'm so glad our kids are on a 2 weeks school holidays we have been sleeping in a little snug as bugs in a warm bed  ahhhh it's sure gonna be a shock when we have to get back up at the crack of dorn brrrrr lol... anyhow better go i was hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs and doings tonight but its not the case hopefully tomorrow night i can ... stay warm!!!


  1. Oh cold cold cold! I though the bread in the first photo were snowballs!

  2. Ouch!

    Such extremes, we are being BBQ-ed and you are becoming a Popsicle! It's going to be a long summer/winter!

    Did I say ouch?

  3. Ouch she took the dressings off today ouch those finger nails are black , sharon send some heat down to us pleaseeeeeee lol ..

    Ali the bread rolls were a bit on the pale side but the kids were waiting for dinner the soup was done i would of liked the rolls browned a little more but they were cooked enough for this hungry tribe lol