May 30, 2011


molly hiding from her gift!

My Baby is 4 were has the years gone , she is such a beautiful blessing in our life she truly is a gift , she has always been different from our older 3 and i have always had a niggley feeling something wasn't right and we had that confirmed a few days ago i will share it with you guys but I'm going to wait she has another appointment coming up in 2 weeks and as much as we want there to be nothing wrong with her we are hoping and praying its not what she will be getting checked for either way the out come is heart breaking for me no one wants to see there children or child struggle with life !!!

BUT back to her special day now she is such a funny little thing and just to clear something up she has her cloths on while opening her gifts well that was because she fell asleep on the way home from the hospital the night before so we just snuck her in to bed her cloths were clean lol..

Oh and its soooooo good to be able to blog again !!!

she got in to it after a while and started opening gifts !

feeding her baby
Little Artis
hiding while were singing happy birthday !



  1. GOSH look at that head of hair as a baby. She is a beautiful little girl Heidi.

    My heart is aching for you right now, as you start this journey with Molly.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl.


  2. Happy birthday sweetie. Enjoy your day.
    Heidi, Hope the outcome is good or better than you think. I'll be thinking of you all. Hugs Maa.

  3. Thankyou for your kind wishes , she is such a sweet girl though a handfull most of the time , and all that hair she was just like a little doll she stopped people were ever we went they just wanted to touch her hair lol ..
    Thankyou Maa im just trying to stay positive thats all i guess we can do she is painting at the moment she loves to paint thats what she has been doing this morning at early intervention as well that and playdough lol
    Thanks Kimmie :-)
    I guess i better get off here just jumped on for a moment hopefully i can catch up on everyones blogs tonight :-)

  4. What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday, little one! It looks like she really raked in the presents!