April 7, 2011


Sorry iv been a bit on the slack side with my Blogging and catching up with blogs but I'll get there ...
not a whole lot happening just pottering around the house doing everyday things , doing some hard thinking ,about what school would best suit our youngest she will be starting kinder garden next year ,and has some needs that need to be meet ..a part of me wont's to take the easy way out and just keep her home with me , but then is that doing her more harm if she don't learn to cope in the world its a hard one i guess I'll just see were this year takes us... any how i have some photo's iv snapped thro the week there is one funny one but not very lady like so i;ll leave that one out ,but will most definitely be scrapping it for Molly's 18th scrap book lol ;-)
lemmon cordial..
whole weet crackers

creative fun!!

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