April 7, 2011


yay bargain for meeee ... i was so excited when i spotted this chair all the other good old chippy rusty crusty stuff was all ready with sold stickers :-(    but not this beautie and i scored it for such a great price $5 bucks can you believe it just $5 bucks i was smiling all the way home aah i love a good buy !! 
P.S sorry for yesterdays post i for got to click on the friends can comment box I'm not sure why i have to do it every time i write a new post it's annoying it only started doing it the other week ...


  1. Oh that chair is fantabulous! And $5! I would have been smiling all the way home too - I just love it. Congratulations of a wonderful bargain :)


  2. Thanks Ali it was such a fantastic price :-))