March 31, 2011

The one stop fabric shop ......

Yes iv been to mum's again the fabric shop lol , while i was there she had some fabric out and was looking for some pinks and blues for a friend i mentioned again how id like to learn to quilt ... but i need a quilting Matt and rotary cutter ...well don't need but would love to have , any how she gave me one of her rotary cutters , and some quilting rulers thingies ,,,and told me when she has finished the quilt she is making she will hand the quilting Matt and 1/4 inch thingy for my sewing machine ,and i guess any other stuff she is done with
also she gave me some patch work tops she has started but not finished ,and asked did i wont them to finish of .....well yeah sure i do lol
and a king size quilt top that must of taking for ever to sew all together ,the backing and stuff ya put in the middle is all there just needs all putting together ... i never took a picture but i will and post some time .... it will look beautiful when its finished but i want to learn how to quilt first so maybe it will be a next year job once our youngest starts kindergarten i will go to a craft group and see how i go with it , i don't wont to stuff it up so best i learn first .... and also she gave me another project and asked if i would do it for her  a panel of fabric that has the verse of FOOT PRINTS IN THE SAND   so i would like to start on that over the winter but not until i learn the basics .. and i have soooo much scrap booking i wont to get thro and so much other sewing .....I so need a sewing room ....oh well maby in the distant future .. lol
all i know is i have some much fabric in my craft cubard that i really need to start using it up again and i have so much crafts to do that i really need to use my time more wisely i think less time on the computer i have days were I'm so good and waste no time then there's days were i spend to much time reading blogs and what not tho i do try to keep it to night time to do but some times like today iv slipped up and here i am ;-o 
any how i better finish this here so as i can get some cleaning done and bake a loaf of Hamish bread yum !!


  1. You sound like me - many years ago. I had a whole closet full of fabric and patterns and made a bunch of stuff. It all went the way of all things when my eyes got bad. Now, my eyes are fixed and I spend w-a-y too much time on the computer! :-) It really is hard to spend your time wisely when the blogger calls, LOL!

  2. Hi Heidi...Well...of on another adventure huh!!
    I tryed quilting and I liked doing it, but I like doing things that go together faster than a quilt!! So haven't done much with it!!
    Good that you will have the "thingies" : }
    to work with!! Good luck!!

  3. grammie that is why i haven't took up quilting before ,because i to like to get things done faster like a day or 2 not weeks months but mum said have a quilt on the go and do in between smaller projects so i'll give it ago lol
    sharon i know i often sit and wounder what i did before computer world took over so much of my time lol i know i organised my time better when i was working full time i guess i had to then ..

  4. My mother is my one-stop-shop as well. :)

  5. How lucky you are! A one stop shop with experience too. I would love to learn to quilt but I'm not sure I have enough stick-a bility.
    Have a great week-end,

  6. Heidi, Love your blog. Thanks for checking out my blog and following me.