April 27, 2011

Just pottering ....

Oh It's been one of those days pottering around doing this and that but yet i don't feel like iv done much ...mmmm maby its because all 4 children are here today no one at school work etc who knows lol
any how i used up the left over mini hot cross buns in a bread and butter pudding , still gathering tomatoes nearly 2 kilo sitting out there with more to pick tomorrow so might manage a small batch of relish or something along that line,, i started washing another harvest of potato's then talked my other half in to doing that while i wiped them dry and sat them on cake racks to dry ;-) i cooked some for dinner tonight yum strait from the garden to the dinner plate nothing quite like it ... I even got some lattes work for the garden at the Tip shop today for $2 and that was delivered lol how's that for a bargain!!! 

1 comment:

  1. My you have been busy. Love your harvest....real food! Maa