April 24, 2011

Relaxing Easter Day !!

onion anyone ?

Up Bright and early to see if the Easter bunny had been , and then there was a paper round to be done from our 15 year old before a quick breakfast ,shower and off to work for the day poor kid , though i did cook her a lovely roast dinner tonight since her Easter was spent working .. but it was such a beautiful sunny day we decided to go for a afternoon drive and there was some beautiful views to be had I'll post a few photo's !!!
I hope everyone has had a lovely restful Easter weekend with family and friends..
Iv spent the last few days reflecting and doing some deep thinking about things and being grateful for what i have in life ....
Well I'm off to catch up on visiting you guys before bed night :-)


  1. Your daughter is a sweetie! She is a cutie pie. I loved your post and the pictures are breath taking!
    Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Have a blessed day!
    Spring Blessings,

  2. What beautiful photos. The 15 year old is being taught a great work ethic which she will be grateful for later in life.

    We're enjoying our Easter day today.

  3. Hi Heidi...That a happy looking kid there with the Easter Bunny goodies!!
    Lovely photos..that onion field..crazy. lol
    That second one is gorgeous, but it makes my palms sweat,heights like thatand I don't do well!! lol
    Blessings to you all!

  4. Thankyou so much and granny you are so right she was up early again and of to work for the day she really does a great job she is in grade 10 and is also prefect there and also got in to the Tapps program for hair dressing so she does one day at the hair dressers one day at tafe and 3 days at school and works but she has to keep up with studys so a lot of home work late at night but she seems to be keeping up and she has time to catch up with her girlfriends so there is a ballance there... Tricia iv not been able to get on your blog since christmas or alot of others then it got to the point mine would kick me of for for ages it was such a pain finally saturday had a friend whom does all our computer problems for us up load a later program i was running the wrong one since he done it i can now go to all the blogs so im so happy i can now visit and comment with out getting kicked of the website :-) glad you ladys had a great easter to ! the little grave in the photo was the guy who built the light house his 14 month old son passed away after it was finished of a illness so he was layed to rest there !!

  5. Hahaha grammie don;t worry i was very nervous i don't like hights at all i sort of just walked out on to the platform held the camera out and clicked i had know idear at the time weather i captured a desent photo lol i also hate driving up or down mountains for the same reason the big drop offs on the edge of the roads lol happy easter to ya :-)

  6. What beautiful photos! Makes me want to be there. Thanks for visiting me from the Newbie party. I am your newest follower.