May 7, 2011


Man are my feet aching Tasmania has a huge agricultural Advent once a year that goes over 3 days that See's around 70 000 go through the gates , with 10 kilometers of road to walk with something like 700 stores you can buy things from tractors to boots crafts you name it it's there , i love it its one of the things i look forward to every year i could go on and on but i wont ..but you guys could always Google AGFEST Tasmania and all the info should pop up !! Oh when i took some of these photo's it was first thing this morning and there was just a few people in the craft pavilions bye lunch time i Ducked back in to get some spices of the spice man ,well you couldn't move in there so needless to say i came home with out it it was just to crazy in there lol



  1. Looks like a great day out!

  2. Heidi, we have The Henty Field Days here. Here is a little about ours.

    The Henty Machinery Field Days are held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the third week in September each year. Over 60,000 people visit the Field Days over the two and a half day period. There are over 800 exhibitors each year. It is one of the largest in Australia and displays new agricultural equipment and technology for farmers. The first of these modern field days was held in 1963. The field days are now held at a permanent all-weather rural exhibition site with broad display avenues including a square kilometre (250 acres) of car parking and an on-site airstrip

  3. Looks very interesting and I bet a person could spend half a fortune there, with so many neat things, so close together! I think it would be a cool place, a little far for me though. :-)

  4. HI Heidi...looks like a great event and fun for everybody...I keep forgetting you all are staring to get colder weather there!!
    I like that thing with the old rusty wheel!!
    The kids must like seeing the animals!!
    Have a Great Mothers Day!!

  5. Thanks Ladys and a special big mothers day to you guys .. Maa thats sounds right up my ally lol might have to make it a mission to go one year :-) yes i loked that to grammie i for get what the guy said it was lol there was heaps of old stuff and lots of old kitchen scales but not for sale :-( just to look at .. !!