March 30, 2011


IV been picking a hand full of tomato's every couple of days not really enough to do a great deal with
but still enough for salads and what not , tonight for dinner i made some Barbecue sauce or relish all i know is that it taste Delicious we had it with home made potato wedges and meat and veg Patty's yum !! thumbs up bye all so it's a winner!
2TBS butter
1 onion finely chopped
2 garlic cloves crushed
500g fresh tomato's peeled and chopped  or 400g tin of chopped tomato's
1TBS brown sugar
1tsp hot chili sauce or a few chili flakes or fresh chili the choice is yours :-)
1TSP of capers
2 gherkins chopped up
salt and pepper to taste
fry onion and garlic in butter until onion takes on that darkish brown look about 10 minutes
add Tomatoes ,brown sugar, chili ,capers and gherkins,a sprinkle on salt and pepper
and simmer until it thickens about 15 to 20 minutes yum enjoy..


  1. An excellent and tasty way to use up the last findings in the garden! Great eating!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Welcome to blogging. COme join me Monday for my newbie party. You will make some new friends.