March 25, 2011

Letter Boxs !

weird and wonderful letter box's yes on a drive up to wilmont they have this letter box thing happening lol so yes we stopped like a stalker at every house and took pictures out the car window of course and because its up the big hill it was freezing and i mean freezing brrrr and i had my side window down so my face was near frozen off....
we pulled over at one stage to take a breath taking photo of the view it was fantastic id love to live right in that spot ... and once you get to wilmont there is only a few homes there but the very first Cole's store that was in Tasmania lol the things ya learn !


  1. Great picture of the mail boxes.

  2. Those letter boxes are great. Thanks for the sharing the photos, some people certainly have talent!

    We dont have a letter box, but we do have a railway crossing sign to mark the entrance to our place. Hubby is a train driver, so say no more...


  3. Hi Heidi ...what a hoot that must have been when you saw those mailboxes!! I would
    have laughed my butt off!!
    I would not have wanted to pick a winner out of that bunch..they are all great...just not in my neighborhood lol!!
    There is nothing like the only store in town...that's where all the gossips is!!
    Your last photo is a beautiful view!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Those are the wildest "mail boxes" I have ever seen! If you did something like that here, somebody would steal it! Love the scenery!

  5. They are you dont see nothing like that around here either lol there was so many i had trouble picking what ones to post lol , and thanks Maa i'll come over for a visit :-)