March 19, 2011

Day out (part 1)

The little Town of Ross oh how i love thee , it is the most beautiful little town made from sand stone well stone of some sort , i was not surprised to see it full of tourist yesterday the day was warm and it is such a enchanting little town it's about 2 hours Drive from were we live and its strait down the middle off Tasmania i was also surprised to see how much drought was down that way living along the coast it.s so much greener ... iv took so many photo's I'll do this post over 2 days ,iv took some fantastic ones at another little town before Ross that was a convict town there is some great history there not to mention alot of my ancestors are buried in the local cemetery and i mean a lot took some great picture's while there ...looking forward to posting about all that tomorrow stay tuned lol ;-)


  1. Wonderful stone architecture there, I especially like the stairs and the rather large building. The bridgework is quite lovely too! Very nice photos!

  2. You have some wonderful photos. They remind me of Europe. DH and I lived in Spain from 1970-1973 while he was in the US Navy, and we toured 11 countries while there. Fantastic memories.

    How neat to only live a couple of hours from this quaint town.


  3. Thanks flower Lady it is such a beautiful little town ,so is the one im going to post about later tho it's more about the covict history of it i was just Gobsmacked bye some of it's History ... thanks for taking time out to look at my Blog im really looking forward to reading more of yours :-)


  4. Hi Heidi...very nice all the stone work lovely place.
    I love the photo of whom (I imagine is your daughter)running her little hands on the fence "darling"