March 21, 2011

Day out (part 2 )

Welcome to Campbell Town ,, this is the little town were i once went to school in my younger years , were my nan , great grandma and great gran father and many other ancestors are now resting in the town cemetery , it also has a beautiful park in the main street , and lining each side of the foot paths are red brick pathers and they go right down each side of the walk way on both sides of the street and on each red brick there is a convicts name ,age and how long they got for each crime oh so hard were those days , at the local museum the lady there whom i found out owns my nan's old house Rose cottage which is now a B&B ,said that at age 5 you was responsible for your own behaviour can you imagine i looked at my little darlings and thought my goodness I'm glade you were all born in a different era that's for sure ....i found a brick that has the age of a 6 year old on it whom got 15 years for burglaries OMG is all i could say ..and another one whom got like 14 years for taking a tablecloth ..some got life for taking a sheep others 14 years  see it depended on whom you stole it if it was the church well it was classed as higher up and you got life then a neighbour was a fair few years and less from just a nobody so to speak but 14 odd years from a lower class person is still a lot of time to serve, out side the museum my 10 year old got in side i think they are called stocks I'm not 100% sure maby one of you guys might no for sure ...any how its were you got put for days on end and passer buyers on the street could thro Tomato's and apples and what not at you , and in side the museum the court room was used twice a month up until i think she said 2 years ago they used to have to clear it out so that it could be used ... i have soooooo many photo's i wont to post not sure if they will all fit , i have some great ones of the cemetery and i even found little potty that was his nick name he was my great grandma's little boy he was born with a hole in his heart and he never grew he lost his battle at age 10 or 11 on the 21st December 1933 poor little man mum said grandma never got over it she often talked about her little potty whose name was Gorden ,,and being a mum my self i could just imagine her pain and it;s something that no mum would get over i guess we just learn to live with these losses in life ,,
any how i guess i better post some picture's of our day we picked up our 18 year old son to take with us he lives about a hour away for collage .. it was ashame we didn't have our 15 year old daughter with us to she is normally working but on this day she was at a friends and she had a birthday dinner to go to so maby next time ...i'll post the cemetery photo's tomorrow run out of space !!!

were's the tomatoe's lol Joke ;-)

my beautiful son !


  1. Good Post, the history of the little town was amazing. I think 6 year olds should be punished like that, talk about strict! Whew!

  2. A great description of the history of that town.