March 11, 2011

Autum Brings Pumpkins

WOW what a big PUMPKIN 66.4 kilo's the wynard agricultural show was on today there was so much fresh produce and some really large vegetables , some fine live stock i love looking at all the farm animal's the baby ones are so cute ,though i always feel a bit nervous around the big cattle because boy are some of those bulls big ;-o any how I'm having trouble up loading photo's  grrrrr at least i got one up :-)


  1. That's a BIG pumpkin! I often wonder about those big ones - if they are any good to eat or just good for livestock.....

  2. HI Heidi..A big Pumpkin all right...wonder how many pies there are in that one!!
    Fun thing to do and so interesting.. a great atmosphere to!!