February 14, 2011

Oh well School Holidays are over !!

School started back today well for one of our children the other two are back tomorrow.. but our daughter that went back today had a great first day in big grade 5  gosh they grow up way to fast i have one starting year 10 and one in year 12 gosh I'm feeling it and not to mention our baby will be starting kindergarten for 2 days a week next year so sad ( well for mumma any how ) lol ..
any how we went to the park over the weekend and it was full of hungry ducks ,it was rather funny our 3 year old stayed back out of the feeding frenzy lol ...
oh dear i think a duck pecked his hand ..lol
he was eyeing me off.. lol.. i think he is rather cute !!


  1. Hi Heidi...Should a cutie of to school...hope she has a great school year!!
    Ducks can get pretty crazy, its every duck for himself!! I don't blame you daughter for standing back!!
    That last photo is so funny, what a cute look your getting!!

  2. She looks really sweet! Yes they do grow up too soon!

    Cute pictures with the ducks!

  3. I still remember my little ones going off to school. My baby is now 34 so it was a while ago. Your daughter looks grown up and it won't be too long when you'll wonder where the years have gone. Enjoy every single minute you have with them.
    Love the fairy dress on the wee one too by the way. They look like they keep you on your toes. Maa.