February 9, 2011

From the garden...

wow the first of the potatoes are ready yay it's all so exciting the first time you harvest or grow goodies in the garden .. and yes i still have loads of these round green things ..iv been using them up in different dishes my 10 year old recons they taste like potato in the curry last night lol who knows they taste like zucchini to me ;-) any way shame to waste them so I'll keep using them up ....
Of the subject of veggies why uploading these pictures there was this on there that i never took though i know it was taking while cooking dinner because the girls were playing dress ups hmmm cheeky little monkey's id say helping there self's to my camera lol

her wings are a little lopsided ....lol


  1. Hi Heidi..nothing like fresh garden potatoes...I grew up right next door to my uncles potato farm when I was young!!
    Those round green things still look like fat zucchini to me...have you made chocolate zucchini cake or quick breads ..I'm sure you have done your research Hahahaha!!!
    Your daughters picture so cute what a roit!!

  2. Your garden seems to really be paying off! potatoes, fresh out of the ground, really do taste best!

    She's a doll, I hope she doesn't wear out that little costume before it really fits! :-)

  3. the first time I grew a garden I planted whole seed packets... and... every single seed grew! Beyond my wildest dreams and then some! I had food to feed all the neighbours and finally after all the canning we all did and eating we did...I was still trying to get passersby to take some bags of cucumber, tomatoes and corn.... it was crazy.

    The lady across the back fence knew how to make a special little half underground mounded dugout for saving some of the veggies well into winter. ... we would be out there in deep snow digging into it for carrots... ....but, I definitely didn't ever plant a full packet of seeds again. ahahahhah

    your little angels did pretty good with the camera....

  4. Hi grammie no i havent googled a recipe for chocolate cake but if you have one i'll be happy to try it out lol ...
    sharron they do taste best out of the garden do fresh ..and yesterday our neighbour sang out while i was poking about in the garden and handed me some of his home grown potatos so that was nice of him ,oh Bumblevee that is so funny , some of my seeds never came up i may have planted them a bit to soon in the spring not only that we had a really wet cold start to our spring and summer :-(