February 20, 2011

Someone else's junk is another ones treasure so to speak :-)

yes iv been at it again op shopping ....it's just so much fun and it's always great to come home with a bargain ,and knowing that I'm saving CA$H at the same time :-)


  1. Hi Heidi ...very good selections for a bargain!!
    Like the cups with the tea bag holder and the clothes look like new!!
    Way to go girl!!

  2. That tea bag holder is so cute! You got some real nice things, that's for sure!

  3. Thanks yes they were a good bargin $1.20 for the cups and teabag holder and they still had the Tags bran new lol .. those orange overalls or how ever you spell it are sooo Dang bright bit big on her but look so cute they will be great for the winter ...speaking of that we have snow on the mountins today and its ment to be summer Brrrrr we are in for a could autum and winter i'd say :-(