February 7, 2011

op shop finds :-)

Hello everyone iv been a bit slack on the blogging thing of late but the children are still on school Holidays and iv been busy cleaning out there draws and cupboards sorting what they will need for the winter months and so forth bye the feel of these past few mornings there has been a chill in the air ,yet the days are still very warm .. so anyhow i went around a few op shops this morning and got a hand full of winter cloths for our 3 year old soon to be 4 in may wow has that time flew bye, i scored a white linen table cloth , some tea cups for the girls to have afternoon tea's with ;-) a couple of big coloured glass bowls thought they would come in handy for a number of things..gosh i love op shopping  iv got a day planed for it this coming Friday in another town so that should be good , why buy everything new when you can get some great buys second hand !!!


  1. Heidi I LOVE op shopping, and in fact buy most of my clothes from them. I just love the fact that you can walk into a shop and be able to afford a few things, and walk out with something wonderful and not feel guilty about it.

    Your little girl clothes look just fabulous, and and love the orange and blue bowls. Good finds!

    And have fun on Friday :)

  2. HI Heidi...oooh yes...love those thrift shops( that we call them ) or second hand stores..great finds and the way to go especially for kids clothes they outgrow them so fast!!
    Lovely little outfits for your daughter ..so cute!
    Love the tea cups for the girls afternoon tea's ...so cute!!

  3. love the dishes! i've been going once a week to find some new fun dishes! Thanks for stopping by! i'm a new follower~ :)

  4. Hello All im glad you guys share my love of op shopping or thrifting im so looking forward to friday ,though as a pay of for the girls i have to make time for the city park to see the monkeys and a train ride ,and the museum that i guess i dont mind tho we were there the other day its huge and lots of hands on stuff for the kids and loads of free fun :-)

  5. Love op shopping...I do it when I can and I do find some bargains