January 11, 2011

Quick simple frugal meal..

This quick stir fry is a favourite at the moment with the children more so with my little helper who is 3 years old she wont eat vegetables on there own unless its a corn cob ...but put them in a stir fry or any other way that looks interesting and she will eat it and with stir Fry's using chop sticks adds to the fun lol


  1. Not only quick, simple and frugal but very clever and sneaky!

  2. lol us mums have to be sneaky with our kids sometimes lol ;-)

  3. Hi Heidi ...with this stir fry dish and yesterdays dessert everbody in your family must be pretty happy!!
    That's pretty funny that your little one will eat veggie's together...mine would eat just the opposite nothing even touching the other on the plate...but they did like the veggie's even brussel sprouts!! lol
    I love bean sprout, right out of the package, and especially on a salad!!
    I am getting hungry haven't has breakfast yet...
    It is snowing so hard here right now that I can't even see across the street...expecting 9 to 10 inches of the white stuff.. have a nice warm day : }}

  4. Stir fry wasn't popular when my kids were little, but may have had it with the youngest - he ate anything, until the school told him he had a choice.

    I could go for some today....

  5. lol grammie its pouring with rain here ..tho i will not conplain after what queensland is going through with floods lose of homes life its just horrific ... yeah she is a funny little thing she eats olives like they are lollys or candy lol lets put it this way she does everythink opisit to what i would like lol
    and sharon we never had them growing up it was just meat and 3 veg kind of meals but we eat a wide range of things and the kids are pretty good and eat most things... my 3 year old made some yummy muffins with a little help from me yesterday i took some cute pictures i will post them later and then my 10 year old cooked a tomato base pasta bake with olives it was a simple but nice meal it's good to teach them to cook and bake early they love to help :-)