January 12, 2011

just to cute...

My little helpers been baking muffins ...and i know the blue icing on them don't look to flash but she wonted it on there ..well on all of them but i told her just her special one that was baked in her little silicon cake tin ... and after all that protesting wanting blue icing she had 2 bites and left it she prefers the ones with out icing lol kids ya have to love em'
and talking of kids our 10 year old asked to cook dinner last night she made a tomato based pasta bake with lots of olives through it and a sprinkle of cheese on top she done a great job :-)


  1. I really like seeing kids in the kitchen! It's the only way they are really going to learn to love cooking, it may not be real attractive (blue icing :-) ) or it may look super delicious and gives them pride in their works of "art". Great jobs, kids!

  2. Aww, that's lovely, I certainly hope my boys will be cooking dinner for the family one day! Your girls are gorgeous.

  3. Your girls are dolls! And the dinner looks delicious! :)