January 16, 2011


Sunday afternoon drive hmmm park followed by a Andy's gelato yum ... we stopped in at a deloraine the river was running flat out still after it had been flooded a few days ago the play grown there was still soggy after it had been covered in water so we went to the next country town to a beautiful park big tree's every were to offer shade from the heat of the sun aah what a relaxing Sunday afternoon :-)


  1. Wow, that is a heck of a lot of water. Hope everyone is okay there.

  2. Helli Ali everyone is all good ..i was surprised how loud the water was you could see were it had been a few days before it makes you realise how scary it must of been for queensland when that water came rushing through ..its just so heart breaking..

  3. Hi Heidi ...yesterday was a whirl wind day so just getting to visit..
    Looks like you had a nice Sunday with the family!!
    I guess that a lot of flow there!!
    I've been taking noticing some of the crazy things with the weather your way...some scary things going on!!