January 22, 2011


I can not believe how fast these past 18 years have gone it's sort of sad yet a proud moment to see your first born baby turn of age and not to mention a little scary ! but as a mum i am so very very proud of the young man he has become and no matter his age he will always be my special man i love him to the stars and back as i do all my baby's i was most certainly blessed to have been giving these beautiful children to raise thank you god!
GIFTS that we got Danny was a bracelet with his name engraved on it , his scrap booking book that i haven't quite finished boy is there a lot of photo's i need to get through but he has it and i will finish it off over the coming months .. his 18th signature thing to get signed bye his friends and family at his birthday dinner. and some cash to do as he wishes with ,as well as the girls brought there own gifts for him he seem to be pleased with all his gifts and i think he was just excited to be 18 LEGAL age lol .....


  1. Oh how lovely, you must be absolutely bursting with pride. I can't believe you have an 18 year old son!!

    You should be very proud of yourself too, he looks like a wonderful boy (young man!), you have done a fabulous job.

    Happy 18th birthday Danny!

  2. Thankyou Ali sometimes i can't believe it my self im feeling old lol i wonted his 18th to be special ...i never did anythink special on my 18th ...though i did have my son 4 months after i turned 18 that was a gift in its self :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Guy! My first born is named Danny too! (Well, Daniel)
    It hardly seems like 18 years, does it? Mine all grew up too fast too!
    I cried on my 18th Birthday, because I wasn't 17 anymore! (must have been a bad time of the month)

  4. Thanks sharon your so right the years go way to fast its not fair lol if only they could stay babys longer lol

  5. Happy Birthday Danny. Oh to be 18 again, knowing what I know now..... Woo-Hoo!!
    Go for it....Maa.