January 14, 2011


Oh my what has happen here for these zucchini's to grow like this i thought they were meant to grow long not round like little pumpkins
and I'm not sure why this has happen this is our first season of growing fresh produce ....has this happen to anyone else before ? id love to hear back from some veggie growers , as all the zucchini's have grown like this :-(


  1. Hi Heidi!
    Check your seek packet, maybe these are some special hybrid? Nope, I have never seen round ones either! Kinda cute!

  2. Hi Heidi....No in all the years I grew them I never saw anything like that!
    It looks like there growth has been stunted in some way!!
    Is there plenty of bee's around for pollination??
    The plant itself looks health enough!!
    Good luck with that..lol

  3. My bet is the seeds or starts were mislabeled. Looks like an 8 ball squash to me!

  4. Hello Heidi, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
    They look like squash to me too. I tend to agree with Preservingprovidence - wrong labels. Did you plant seeds or were they seedlings? Maa.

  5. Just found out that they are called Gem Squash. You can read about them here....


    HTH ...Maa.

  6. Hello ladys thankyou soooo much lol it's rather funny ,,i brought these as seedleings..
    is squash sort of the same ..dang i was hoping they were zucchini's lol oh well and thankyou Maa i will go check out the web page now ..i just got of the phone to mum before turning the computer on and i said to her about them she also thought they may be squash lol ...

  7. oh you lucky thing - they do look like gem squash. Ok zucchinis are lovely - but gem squash are super yummy!!!
    At least I think they're gem squash. Leave them on the vine and see how much bigger they get. If they stick at around very large tennis ball size then it is gem squash. If they get a lot bigger than that then you've got a different kind of squash.

    For gem squash we just pierce them a couple of times and boil them for about 15 minutes - sounds not terribly exciting! Then cut them in half and remove the seeds. Put in a LARGE knob of butter and then just eat. THey are absolutely gorgeous. It took me three years of searching to find some seeds!

  8. Laura thank you i had no idear how to cook them as i said i brought them as seedlings and they were ment to be zucchini's but im excited to try them they are probley a fraction bigger than a tennis ball but i will leave them be like you said and see how i go thanks so much for your help :-)