December 4, 2010

Christmas lights ...and sick children !

Hello everyone ...iv been a bit slack on the blogging iv had sick kids now my 3 year old has come down with croup tonight .... steam and if all else  fails put her in the car since its a hot muggy summers night and take her out Christmas light looking like last night iv learnt over the years that bye the time you get to the hospital with them it has eased so normally a drive does it ... ...Tomorrow if all is well we are going to make gingerbread houses so that should be lots of fun it's something we have never done before ;-o  back to Christmas lights there is not many houses with them this year which is sad when the older children were little there would be so many houses with lights it was just beautiful to see and the children would get that excited but anyway we still go in search each year and even if we have to drive 15 km or more in between finding the odd house the kids still enjoy it ..and that's the main thing :-)


  1. I hope your little ones get better at least it isnt't Christmas morning!! I love light, We go every year amd there are 3 million lights it is in R.I. and I went as a child and now we having been bring ing our sons and my Hubby too, loves it, Our oldest will be 19 Dec.6th and our baby will be 16 Dec 19th, then it is our Anniversary Dec 12th married 23 yrs to my Best friend and soul mate and then Christmas then Dec. 27th Hubby turns 47 yrs old. It is very BUSY for sure!!!!!!! With our oldest in College he is still able to go see the lights and our youngest LOVES it as weel.
    We always make a gingerbread house, great traditions that will always stay!!! I love your blog, you are an awesome MOM!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

    Prim Blessings,
    The McNally Family!!!

  2. HI Heidi...the Christmas light are so great to is to bad there wasn't more..
    I find that some years there are more than others ....some people here had there's early and some are just starting..
    Sorry that the little one is not feeling well ...hope everyone is well for Christmas.
    Back to the a kid we always went out to see peoples houses decorated and when I had my kids we did the same....isn'it something that we have the same traditions too!! : }

  3. Hello Lady's mollys still feeling eeww but you guys know kids they bounce back pretty fast :-)i dont think there was lights when i was growing up i only came across it when my nilly 18 year old was small there was a big craze on them Tasmania is a bit behind the times i think lol ..Trica you are going to be so busy but what fun,and what beautiful gifts for christmas having your babys so close to christmas ...and grammie it is ashame there wasnt more though there is a couple so we will go see them again and we will go to the christmas perade's and carols we go to our local one as well as the country one and that is just awsome the perade in the main street followed bye a free sausage sizzle and fairy floss for the kids and carols in the park its lovley and since its around a week before christmas the kids just love it :-)
    Hugs Heidi :-)

  4. Hi there again! I'm studying herbal/natural medicine and one of the things I've learned is that there is a direct correlation between illness and sugar intake. Have you ever noticed how much more frequently our families get sick around holidays? Holidays that are filled with sugar? It's because sugar lowers our immunity to illness and may, in fact, FEED the illness. I used to think it was just the cold/flu season but there you are, in the middle of summer, with your family experiencing the same kinds of sicknesses that we, here in the States, get during the winter...what we have in common are the holidays and the sugar intake. Starting with Halloween and ending with Easter...candy, pie, cookies, cupcakes, and more candy. Isn't that about right? :) I know it's hard to regulate 'em when there are sweets around every corner but try to withhold sugar from your family if you've been exposed to someone with a bug and definitely if anyone in your family gets sick. :) I trust they're all well now? Happy New Year!