November 26, 2010

show day .....

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Today we headed of to the show ..i know its a waste of money blah blah blah but the older children had there own money that they saved so of we went and as i knew every think was a shocking price ...but the 2 younger children that were with me since they are way to young to go off with friends like there teenage siblings... had more fun looking and playing with the nursery animals than anything Else there they just loved it ..and well little miss 3 year old showed no fear she was so funny with the lambs and cows the camera just didn't capture that ...oh and she was a little disappointed that there was no pig


  1. Hi Heidi...what a wonderful outing with the little ones!!
    The sheep hug picture is so precious....My daughter Michele raises sheep (she lives 4 hours from here in the northern part of the state!!)
    It snow a dusting over night here and now has turned to rain and freezing rain! Yuck!
    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Hello ,it was a great outing molly just loves animals they bring her a lots of joy , even when we go to the dog beach with our dog all the dogs just seem to love her and she has no fear of them ....i just have to be careful when we are out walking that she can not just pat other dogs they might not like small children lol .... we have had some rain but it cleared up but it was still muggy tho today its cooled down and its wounderful... i guess it would be freezing if there was a snow cover before rain brrrrrrrrrrrr ..