December 6, 2010

Christmas Shortbread

250g soft butter
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 3/4 cups of plain flour
1/4 cup rice flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
dash of milk if need
beat butter and sugar add vanilla beat again to blended,sift in dry ingredients with a pinch of salt fold in
put mixture in to piping bag or roll in to small balls the choice is yours bake in moderate oven of about 160c to 180 c depends on your oven .....enjoy :-)


  1. Hi Heidi...I seem to be behind on everything even keeping up with my friends posts...
    Your cookies are so Christmas looking ..yum yum!! A cup of tea and I could eat the whole tin full!! lol
    Your are a good Mom...I hope your children and friends appreciate your efforts!!

  2. Heidi, I thank you for the sweetest comments that you leave on my blog, if you ever have a hard time posting a comment go to my shop and my email address is there, because when I do change the background I want you to still be able to get on here!

    You COOKIES look so YUMMO, you send me some cookies and i will send you some of Steve-o's Birthday cake, that sounds like a deal, LOL, LOL!!
    You are just like I am we do for our Husband's and our children!!! I love every minute of it!

    If you need anything let me know, everything WILL work out but know that there are some gals out there like me that are willing to help!
    Your right the real reason is Jesus' Birthday!!!

    Prim Blessing my Friend,

  3. How sweet you are ,,and thats a done deal with the swaping lol and thanks about helping i asked a friend of ours the other day whom is our computer guy lol he said to up date abodes or what ever it is called but it still hasnt worked ... not sure why my computer does it with some ... !!
    Big Hugs heidi :-)

  4. Hi Ladys i was just playing around with my comment thing and have deleted my comment here about sick kids and all i carnt remeber everythink i had in it to rewrite it so dang is all i can say ...hopefully you guys had a chance to read it ..and i now know to leave things be not high light a word and delet i thought just the one word would go apparently not lol... oh well to late now :-) i know next time :-O