November 22, 2010

Hello summer.....

Hello summer ...well not quite but it sure feels like it dang did i get sun burnt over the weekend ..though on a good note i did get all the paths ,driveway and pathers high pressure hosed and it looks so good it amazes me how much red dirt builds up over the winter months and mold on the steep drive so it needs to be done every spring, and we have been putting in some more veggie gardens i really wont to get plenty of tomatoes in to make some relish .. life is getting so busy now with school things Christmas things and a few extra things going on with my 3 year old it's all very stressful some days but i do love this time of year.. did i mention iv still got so much scrap booking to do i don't no when i will find the time but it has to be done before the middle of Jan :-o
hopefully i will get a chance to start doing some Christmas baking soon , i know there's normally plenty to do with kids break up party's ect but its great fun and there is a few good little helpers to help!!


  1. Hi Heidi... spent this past weekend at my daughters and had a chance to see my grandson play one of his indoor soccer games!!
    We had a great daughters blog is Adventures with Renee' she is on my list!!
    So you are feeling a little overwhelmed it have a lot going and for me, it still seems so different or seasons but it makes things so interesting to here what you are doing at this time of year in your country!!
    Just remember you can only do so much...make sure you take time to enjoy it all!!

  2. Hi grammie will do and i will go find your daughters blog now :-) Thats so good that you got to see your grandson play one of his soccer games he would of loved you being there to watch :-)

  3. Our weather is most unsummerly. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy what I read here. I'll try to visit more often. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary