November 17, 2010

curry chicken !

Boy has it been on the cool side today feels a bit like winter , so i made some curry chicken and turned it in to a Shepard's pie and i had some frozen puff pastry in the deep freeze so i used that up and made a curry chicken pie as well, i prefer home made pastry but just wonted to get it used up ,so the kids were happy with that ,Erin started her first after school job today so she had some Shepard's pie before work  I'm excited for her to get home to tell me all about it ,,though she has informed me she will be still keeping her Sunday paper round job to lol ...


  1. Hi Heidi..Man..that looks good....makes me want to cook up something,but beimg alone I don't do that much anymore, but I don't buy any frozen dinner or fast foods either.
    Hope Erin's job works out for her..I remember when my girls started there first jobs...yikes that was forever ago!!

  2. hello grammie , i wouldn't cook like this if i was on my own it just all go to waste .. erins job went well she is loving it they can only do 2 shifts a week while on training then it goes up to 3 shifts but that is plenty with school and other activitys i think 12 hours there abouts a week ...good pocket money for a 15 year old..i think she is going to save a good chunk of it if not all and just use her paper round money to spend lol