November 7, 2010

Grungie Time..

Well i was out the other day and found a few good op shop finds some wooden candle holders ,and a few wooden dishes ,a coat of paint and completely new look all for a few dollars ,so my weekend has been spent painting those ,as well as grubbing up my doily's again, and a few other bits i wonted done like my Christmas rag garlands ect , i also had some cheap plastic battery operated candles ,so i grubbied them up as well ,had our daughters 15th birthday cake baked bye 6.30 this morning ..Happy Birthday Erin we love you xxx , well i better go enjoy the rest of your weekend it's turned very wet here today feels like winter is back brrrrrrrr ....


  1. HI Heidi..Thanks for coming by my is amazing how we can connect with people from so so far away isn't!
    I just love this post with the battery candles an how you grubbied them up "great idea" I'll have to try that!! : }
    Had to believe that the season is so different but that the way the world goes around.

    I will be back,and maybe will bring some with me? : } God Bless and have a great week!!

  2. Hello grammie thankyou so much for stopping bye to visit ,i haven't been on much this last week been busy you know how it gets lol any how take care and have a great weekend :-)

  3. Hi I love the Candle holders done in black! and the battery candles! omg what an awesome idea! I am so over the stark white look with Xmas decorations. I love it great job and thanks for sharing!

  4. hello your very welcome , it's so hard to get nice or any think prim here so appart from ordering on line it pays to make grungie and grubbie up your own stuff that you can get not to mention way more frugal :-) thanks so much for stopping bye!!