November 4, 2010

lemon cordial.

with summer in the air was time to make some lemon cordial, so i raided the lemon tree they were a bit on the small side I'm not sure how long the tree has been in the ground for it was here when we moved in a few years back , as was the nectarines and apple tree's though i think i will get a few more fruit tree's and put in some were a bit less wet the ones here were planted down the back at the bottom of a hill were it's always wet i think that could be half the problem with poor quality fruit ..
equal part water and sugar
boil to sugar is dissolved
then add it to lemon juice that you have squeezed
i done 3 cups sugar and 3 cups water and added 10 small to medium lemons
but i guess its up to ones own taste buds , and i also put a touch of lemon zest to !
let get cool then pour in to bottles and store in fridge for about a month if it last that long :-)

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