November 13, 2010

busy as a bee !

Hello everyone hope all is well in your neck of the woods !! it's been pretty busy here with appointments ,Christmas shopping and ....not getting much crafting or scapbooking getting  done  Dang .. but any way i guess it is a busy time of the year with lots on I'm counting down the weeks now to the kids break up for there 7 week summer Holidays i think they finish school on the 16th of December this year yay .. ..I'm hoping to get some sewing done this week and some scrap booking ,iv got some more seedlings that need planting ,the weather says rain all week grrrrrrrr and since iv been out more than in over the last week a back load of laundry to catch up on mainly towls , all the school uniforms are done though there is a pile of ironing singing out lol ah well i guess we would be lost if we didn't have something to keep us busy :-)


  1. Hi Heidi...Hope strange it seem to here you talk about school vacation when kids here are in the middle of there school year.
    For us snow is a must for Christmas. lol : }
    Your girls are adorable...
    Just love your decorations, so like me!!

  2. hi lol i guess it would seem strange , oh how i would love a white christmas instead of heat and flys lol (it's not that bad )yes the girls are so excited about christmas they are the two youngest 10 and 3 1/2 years old , i must put some up of the older two again erin has just turned 15, ans our only son is soon to be 18 in jan ...they grow up way to fast !! well i guess i better go wake erin for her early morning paper round lol it's pouring with rain out side to ...she's gonna love that ..not :-)

  3. Hi Heidi..I see your two comments on my past posts ...thanks that was nice of you!!
    I was just starting to blog then...doesn't seem possible ..a whole year almost!!

  4. Hi Heidi, Your home looks soooo Christmas Prim you've done a wonderful job!!!! Christmas is soooo much fun!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

  5. hello grammie it was great going over them and yes the year has gone way to fast...i started up blogging in september it's fun :-) hello casey im so disapointed iv been trying to get on your blog and carn't it keeps coming up internet exsplora wont allow it and comes up to abort it ..its so annoying it does it to a few blogs and even one that i have been following for months the only thing i can think of there is michelle changed her back ground not sure if thats there or not :-( iv been trying to find out a way to over ride it or find out why it does it i reported it to the net work but it still does it!