November 14, 2010


hello thought id just stop in and do a quick post tonight of a few photo's taken over the last few days , i even had time to sew a quick little craft project today ,it was to wet and cold today to venture out side any way enjoy your week  ..  :-)


  1. Hi that your 15 yr old in the first picture; very pretty she is..
    Still hadn't get over the difference in our weather....out for a little train ride!!

  2. hello ,yes thats erin im still trying to get used to her being dark she is normally the same colour or a bit darker than the other two girls lol (hair colour that is ) .... yes every time we go to launceston we have to visit the city park there's monkeys, flower house,swings ect,train ride,fish pond, just a lovley place to be i use to love going when i was small lol...yes the weather difference is crazy we get cooler weather here but the rest of Australia they get really high temps i think they are all ready in the west getting 37 deg and its still spring ... ;-o