October 10, 2010

Spotlight Bargin !

Hello everyone ...today i was on a mission there was a few things i needed from spotlight so off we went i had the kids home from school one had a student free day and the other one was sick , and a message from my son this morning  to say he wasn't going to collage he was in bed sick to hmmm that time of year i think ..anyhow ,back to spotlight why i was doing the rounds i came across lots of different fabric they had just marked down soooo i stop ed to have a quick look with a few gift ideas in mind for Christmas,,,mind you i have enough fabric in my stash....but it was just to cheap to leave there it varied in price 8.00 right down to 2.00 per meter ....what a bargain of course being a little bit frugal i went for the 2.00 lot apart from one that was 5.00 ,it will all be put to good use library bags and a few other things tho since they will be Christmas gifts for teachers and a couple of friends i can't reveal yet ;-)
and why at Kmart i got these skives tops for my 3 year old i got them bigger for next winter at $2 each ,i do love to shop for bargains .. until next time take care :-)

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