October 13, 2010

Lets go op shopping !!

I love op shopping you really can get so many bargains ....tho i have had a few people  that turn there noses up to it ..but that's OK more money saved and in my pocket ;-) the way i see it living simple keeps us debt free and that  suits us as a family and that's all that really matters , ...any how back to my Bargains ........ i got a bunch of cute clothes for my 3 year old some will fit her next year but pumpkin patch etc ... and a mega sketcher we have one already that belonged to the older children its worn out over the 13 years ..well i scored this one for $2 yes i know bargain lol ... glass bowls a set of 2 for $8 ,a cute little toaster cover , books ,puzzle,cloths for the older 2 girls even some pants for me ..right down to 3 fat quarters lol gosh i love op shopping ..oh and a table runner ..
a pretty scarf
This book has some fantastic ideas....
in side the book ...

books for 10 year old...

well i better get all this stuff washed !
have a Happy day x

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