September 19, 2010

productive day at home

what a beautiful sunny spring day ...i managed to get all the laundry out on the line..and that reminds me i need to make some more laundry detergent up tomorrow it really is a big money saver and we all need to look for ways to stretch our dollar ...there is some great recipes out there i found mine from down to earth forum rhonda has some fantastic recipes and so much more on her blog i love visiting there that was what inspired me to start living more simple and frugal ... i get some fantastic recipes from there lunch today was one of her recipes for apple yoghurt pikelets they are so good ...i court up on all the ironing and just potted around the house getting bits done and enjoying the day i had my little helper helping me we baked some fruit and nut bread ...
                            they were a bit out of shape but thats ok i like the rustic look lol so does someone eles 
                                      afternoon tea ....just out behind my little helper there will be  another garden put  in  it will be awhile befor its finished and ready to plant vegetables in tho..  well i best finish this post here the kids are back to school tomorrow after having 2 weeks holidays and no doubt 3rd term will go so fast there's always so much on in the last term .... :-)  hugs heidi                    

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