September 21, 2010

just a little look at the baby scrapbooks of my children !!!

hello iv been a bit slack this last few days so i thought id show you guys a few layouts of my childrens baby scrapbooks ...iv really got to get back in to it i have a few bigger projects i wont to do i will share more about them at a later date .... so here goes i will try get these pictures up i done it once but they were all over the place so i deleted and started again....
                             the years fly bye way to fast !
                                          memories !
                                i'll leave this post here ..untill next time take care .


  1. Hey Heidi, I remember when your little one was born. Time does pass too quickly. Welcome to Blog land it is nice to see how your doing now. J x

  2. hi jackie yes it has been a long time iv been a bit slack ... and yes molly has grown so fast and still loves her quilt you done her x