September 17, 2010

Homemade Crumpets

saturday morning and what is nicer than some homemade crumpets for breaky yummo!!
this is my little helper she loves to help mumma cook :-) these crumpets are so easy to make and the taste is just nothing like you can buy at the shops..they really are worth making .. i will post the recipe i always make a double batch of these one lot is just never enough lol..

1 heap tsp of yeast
300mls warm water
225g plain flour
1 tsp salt
mix a few spoons of warm water with the yeast then set aside...
put flour and salt and water in a bowl and whisk untill it is smooth but pourable
tip in yeast mixture and give another quick whisk ..
cover with tea towl and leave till it doubles or about a hour or so 
put a tsp of butter in your pan on low to med heat and dollop 
spoon fulls in cook untill it looks a little dry on top then flip and cook for further 2 minutes



  1. Your crumpets turned out really great Heidi...

  2. They look awesome....... will make some......

  3. They look yummy,going to make some :)

  4. Me too . They do look delicious