February 2, 2013

Weekend happenings

Hello friends , we got through a busy week of homeschooling , it went OK well it all went OK until learning phonics in a work book came in to it and the stubborn little monkey digs her heels in and well that is that really .....i just quietly put the book away i don't want to force her because learning should be fun and a pleasant experience not tears and anger and stress, but apart from that it was a fun week of learning the upper and lower case Aa ,started our letter of the week scrapbook, done some work sheets , math ,science , painting using a apple as a stamp, and so many other fun things.. So yesterday we took a drive we was heading to the honey farm but they close Saturday for religious purposes so we will do that another day now , so we headed to a market close bye and then had lunch in the park bye the river feed the ducks and a play it was a good afternoon nice and relaxing, this morning i wrote up a weekly report of schooling that will be done this coming week , tried to figure out office works so i could do a weekly photo report for her folder, its done just but not how i wanted it , I'm thinking maybe year 2013 might be the time to take a computer course lol

Heidi x

baking muffins
painting with apple stamp
feeding the ducks

fresh homemade raspberry jam....yummo

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