February 3, 2013

Blog problems

Hi friends I'm not sure if its just my end or not but i can't see and of my blog friends i have listed down the side on my blog so i can see there up dates etc ..no photos are there um nothing can anyone else see them ?? sigh i have no idea what is going on.....also i cant comment on some friends blogs i haven't been able to for months its all very stressful now i know why i don't blog a lot lol....



  1. Good morning Frugal Mumma. I can see all the blogs you follow. The list is on the right as it should be. I're read that many people are having problems with their blogs. Something to do with Google.

  2. HI Heidi,
    If you mean the list that starts with:
    friends i love to visit

    59 minutes ago
    And has a picture of that blog photo then yes I can see it. I am wondering if someone has "clicked" on something on your computer to stop these (Increased the security) or is you have removed them from your settings. But actually that would be the case as then we wouldn't be able to see them.

  3. Thanks ladys , i think its my lapbook its giving me hassles, iv just plugged mums in i dont really feel right using it but it was only a few months old and now its just been sitting there for the last 15 months she wanted our now 12 year old to have it and she has but normally just uses mine...so i'll use it for the time been though we have decided to get a desktop again its well passed time to up date and with homeschooling i think it will be a good investment.