December 22, 2012


E.T with our molly who has Autism, he was always up for a snuggle.
It's with a aching heart i write this post , when my mum passed away 13 months ago she was worried who was going to look after her 2 best friends E.T whom is a Devon Rex and Rexy whom is a Cornish Rex and since mum spent her last 6 weeks with us since that's all we had once she was diagnosed , her 2 best friends stayed here to and they were so faithful they stayed on mums bed with her right till the end , and they have comforted me so much , sister Heidi loves them sooooo very much, E.T went to be with mum yesterday he was very sick the vet tryed but if we didn't make the decision he would of been on insulin twice a day and his kidneys were effected bye his sickness he got worse over the night so we had him put to sleep he was ready to go , my husband stayed with him while they gave him his final injection and he said to E.T phone home E you going home to your mum , cry cry i know he's not in pain know more but he was a part of mum and that made him extra special to me , how ever we will all miss him and i know his brother Rexy is missing him he was looking for him last night , but all we can do is keep on giving him lots of love and cuddles!!

Rexy and E.T on me after mum went ,faithful friends!
We pick E.T up in a couple of weeks and will go sprinkle him out with mum ,i know that's what she wanted!
Rexy and E.T with mum

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  1. So sad to lose our pets. They will have been fretting I guess. Old age also creeps up on us, doesn't it? Hugs Sue