December 26, 2012

Christmas left overs

Hello friends
So with all these left overs from Christmas day , i was up at 6am on boxing day morning ~ no not to go to boxing day sales,(now that would not be to frugal at all lol) i was up so i could use up some of the left overs, so as not to waste any food, so i cooked up some more mash potatoes and a pot of gravy, then i sliced up the left over roast pork and used the left over peas/corn and made 10 lunches/dinners, i thought they will be great for the kids lunches since they have 6 weeks school holidays its a change of there usual lunches, and why i was at it i used up a big bunch of bananas i had that were great for making 2 loafs of banana bread for the freezer,no wastage around here!!



  1. Great point making yourself eat it day after day when it can be put away and really enjoyed again...
    We had no left overs this year, we had sausages on the barbie down the beach, and actually, its a relief not to be fossicking through it all in the fridge!

  2. It is so nice to see someone else makes use of everything left over. personally my favorites are left overs they are so full of flavor...
    So many people I know throw away most of the left overs and it seems so wasteful to me.. So three cheers for you...

    That Banana Bread looks so good it made my mouth water....sure would taste good for breakfast...lightly warmed with a little butter...YUM YUM..

    have a great day!

  3. sounds great to be having a barbie that's what we have decided to do next christmas nice and simple, Tonya left overs often taste better second time round lol