January 22, 2012


I'm over run bye sweet basil iv been picking and making lots of pesto for the freezer to use at a later date for pasta, home made pizza and what not and when i make up big batches i use the food processor , but today i just made a batch up with the mortar and pestle it was a bit more chunky than the processor but still nice and a lot easier than going to the trouble than getting the food processor out for just one batch of pesto..
I also went through the fridge and pantry i normally make my own pasta but i had a few packs in the pantry from when mum was here when i didn't have the time to make everything from scratch so i boiled up some pasta added some pesto, looked in the fridge and found some olives and left over chicken that needed using so added that and it was a quick tasty dinner and i used up some left overs so there was no wastage , its days like this that it feels good living more simple and being more frugal years ago i would of just threw left overs out and not blinked a eyelid about it , so glad those days are gone and so is my wallet!!

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  1. Oh Heidi, that looks so YUMMY!! That's exactly what I'm getting ready to do. I have some left over chicken in the fridge so I'm going to cook up some noodles, add a few ingredients and make up a tasty dish. Just wish I had some of that delicious looking pesto to add to mine!! Over the years, I've gotten rather good about cleaning out the fridge by throwing lots of leftovers together and making something good. When I first started cooking, I was a by the recipe only kind of girl, lol!