January 18, 2012


while out walking in the bush yesterday i stumbled across this huge big bright green grub/Caterpillar first i though whats, that cant be real, then it moved and i was like OMG ....eeewww my other half picked it strait up and trust me it may not look big but it was and he has the most biggest hands iv seen on a man they are huge and it still layed across them ,any how he asked molly do you want to touch him and of course she did her response was its soft and fat lol after taking a few pics we put it safely back were we found him!!!! HAPPY MUNCHING CATERPILLAR...


  1. HI Heidi...LOL..It reminds me of the Tomato horn worm we have here..they get pretty big as they can strip the leaves and chew on the tomatoes I shiver all over when I reach in for a tomato and there is one by my hand eeeeekkk! creepy lol
    They can be very defensive..I would love to have seen your face hahaha!! Brave little girl..I wouldn't touch it!

  2. grammie trust me i would not touch it either eeewww lol,
    and Annie your welcome i will try some of those idears with the zucchini ,but for some reason your comment is not showing up yet i clicked on it No doubt blogger is acting up again !!

    Blessings ladys Heidi:-)

  3. good job you'd finished off your lettuces!

  4. Doesn't give me warm and fuzzy feeling... I saw the picture and felt icky all over!