December 13, 2011

Sunday Market!!!

On Sunday morning we headed off on a 120km drive to the evendale market its a fantastic market , from old brick-a-brack , to homemade goat soap, home grown produce,home baked goodies and the list goes on and on , any how last summer i made tomato paste and it was a tedious task i really needed a moulin or what ever you call them any how i found one it wasn't a real big one but it will do for now and for $8 i wasn't leaving it there with tomato season soon a pone us !!!
I then called in to my sisters on the way home and got some flower cuttings from her garden so hopefully they will take off (fingers crossed)
i also got these for the herb pots to..


  1. Good find! You can use that for other things too!

  2. Great finds Heidi. I loved the Evandale Markets when we were there a couple of years ago, it was a quick 4 day trip to tassie but we made sure we went to this market as we had heard all about it, I picked up a few bargains myself.

  3. HI Heidi...How did I miss this post ...I have had the worst time keeping up lately much to do !
    Sounds lovely..a day a the market and goat soap ..I heard it is the best?
    Love your tags I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that you are in your spring season lol!!
    That a great "what ever you call it" for slicing, shredding, grinding and etc.. good price to!!
    Hope all is well , and you all are doing better!!
    ♥ Grace